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Garden Location: Beaverton, Oregon      Music Info at bottom

Design Company: Lewis and Clark College

Designer: Lewis and Clark College

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College campuses are wonderful sanctuaries of beautiful gardens.  In gathering plant photography for our new Cloud Edition I made a special point to gather images from colleges where I could find mature specimens out in the open often silhouetted against a tall building.  Our garden images this week come from Lewis and Clark college in Beaverton just a little bit south of Portland Oregon.  It is a majestic location exquisitely landscaped and filled with old world architecture.  Who would not want to go to college there after seeing such beauty? Our song this time is from Tommy Emmanuel who also wrote a song about the real Lewis and Clark expedition.  Check it out below.

Lewis and Clark   Original Song by Tommy Emmanuel:


Our Plant of the week is:

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Gracillimus’ / Upright Maiden Grass



Song: For Those Who Wait

Performer: Tommy Emmauel

Song Writer: Tommy Emmanuel

Album: Only

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